Cold War confrontations

Cold War confrontations

In what ways did Cold War confrontations affect the US in the 1960s? Consider Duck and Cover, bomb shelters, the Cuban Missile Crisis, etc. What were the difficulties and efforts to answer them on the home front? Poverty, civil rights struggles, freedom riders, Kennedy assassination, second-wave feminism, Johnson’s Great Society?

A minimum of three paragraphs (each paragraph should be a minimum of 5 sentences), with 2 References in APA format




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The cold war era was a very tense period in the US. They had just emerged out of the Second World War and had witnessed the effects and defects of war. At the same time, the atomic bombing at Hiroshima had proved to the word that a single bomb could have devastating effects. The Russians had exploded a hydrogen bomb, touching off a nerve whacking arms race, and had put cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in space. There were fears that they could attack the US any time (LaFeber, 2008). 

The Americans had to train their children to do ‘duck and cover’ in case of a nuclear attack. The drills were done at school basements…


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