Code of Conduct Memo

Code of Conduct Memo


Grader Feedback 5/10/14

Brevity     7.5 points
Language     16 points Substitute active voice verbs for passive voice (is, are, have been, will be) constructions.
Format         7.5 points
Opening       9 points
Mechanics     5 points

Rewrite your earlier Code of Conduct  (Assignment 1) utilizing the professor’s feedback on organization, format, tone, and editorial issues.  In your document, you should:

  1. Ensure the memo is clear and brief.
  2. Choose language to match the purpose and tone for the situation and audience.
  3. Format the memo accurately.
  4. Create an effective opening that establishes goodwill without obscuring the message

The professor said that the memo was good only need to

adjust words from old memo. To reflect a different expression using the above points.

…………………answer preview……………….

The memo reminds you of the company’s code of conduct that will help ensure that your actions aligns with the values set by the company and help you to understand what the company expects from you.

Although the company frowns upon texting and making phone calls during working hours, the management realized………………….


354 words


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