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Assignment Preparation: Activities include independent student reading and research.

NOTE: This is part three of a three-part assignment.  In this final version it is expected that adjustments will be made based on the feedback provided in Weeks 2 and 3.  Be sure that the entire paper is cohesive and flows from section to section accordingly.

Using the paper in Weeks 2 and 3 add an additional 3-to 4-pages describing the importance of policies and standards for maintaining information systems security.

  • Include a discussion of the role employees–and others working for the organization–play in this effort.
  • Examine the different levels of security and how an organization can provide the proper level of effort to meet each information security need and how this relates to what is in an organization’s information security policy.
  • Describe how the organization’s policies and standards would be administered to meet the key requirements of accepted industry standards.
  • Discuss how organizations manage the different levels of security required for differing levels of personnel.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Role of employees in information security

            There are so many security threats today, something that calls on organizations to be very careful in the manner in which they share their information. However, it is comforting that employees can be a strong security asset if proper measures are taken. Today, new identity and security threats are being developed on daily basis, something that has forced large corporations to spend a lot of money and hours in ensuring their information is safe. These measures can be extremely undermined in the event employees…


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