Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Many organizations are using cloud services to provide application and database services to their users and their customers.

  • From the e-Activities, select one (1) organization that provides application or database support through cloud services. Explain the services that the organization provides through the cloud, and examine the business operation that is enhanced through providing these services through the cloud.
  • Explain the key ways in which the previously identified business operation would be impacted if the cloud did not provide these services. Next, explain at least two (2) advantages and at least two (2) disadvantages that the organization in question incurs by providing these services through the cloud.






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The organization selected is Dropbox Inc. which is a file hosting company. The company offers cloud storage services as well as client software. Users are able to install Dropbox into their computers, which then create a folder that is synchronized with a similar folder in the cloud. All the items stored in the Dropbox are both synchronized to appear similar in all computes that have the same Dropbox installed.

If there was no cloud, then there would be no Dropbox. The company earns revenue by proving cloud storage services to individuals and organizations. Individuals are allowed a free version of the application which limits…


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