Closed Captioning for the deaf community

Closed Captioning for the deaf community

Read the attached Captioning Key (PDF is attached, online with videos here: This is a guidelines document that was developed with NAD’s input. Please pay particular attention to the following sections:


– Quality Captions

– Text

– Language Mechanics


Then watch these four videos below, with captions. For each video, write down what is good and bad about the captions, following the Captioning Key. Be as specific as possible. Example:“This video has captions in all-caps. This violates the guideline about Spelling and Capitalization on Page 10.


What is Assistive Technology –

Ellen Introduces Kids to Technology of Yesterday –

Assistive Technology in Action – Meet Elle –

Jacob’s Toys –


(its related to the deaf community in USA)


“”””””””””””””””write in High school level English, not college or university.”””””””””””””””””””



………………..Answer Preview……………

  1. What is Assistive Technology –

This video is well described and the graphics and explanations are on point. It is best suited for NAD because the graphics quite explain what the narrator is talking about. However, the video lacks some basic caption requirements. For instance, the voice is not in sync with the illustrations. And not all textual input is put in the captions. At the same time, some of the graphics are not quite readable and a person..


235 words



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