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Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice

Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice

Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice:INSTRUCTIONS FOR RESEARCH REPORT

Materials: You will first need to select an article from one of the scholarly journals in psychology listed below. Articles should meet the following criteria:

The article must be an empirical research article. An empirical research article presents original research conducted by the author(s). The article should contain detailed information about the methods and results of the research.

Review articles in which the author(s) summarizes past research, but does not present an original research study are not acceptable.

Students must NOT use information from popular press books or magazines (NO Psychology Today articles).

The article should be published in one of the journals listed below.

The article should be at least five pages in length.

The article should have been published in the last 10 years.

Approved Journal List:


American Journal of Family Therapy

Applied Cognitive Psychology

Basic and Applied Social Psychology

British Journal of Social Psychology

Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice

Developmental Psychology

Exceptional Children

Journal of Applied Social Psychology

Psychology and Aging

Psychological Science

School Psychology Review

School Psychology Quarterly

Finding an article:

Many articles are available full-text online, but you will need to access them via the Cook Library website. If you have not done this before, we highly recommend that you take this instruction page to the library and ask for the assistance of a reference librarian. There are also useful instructions on the cooklibrary.towson.edu website (see need help link at the top of the page).

Writing the summary:

All summaries must be typed, be in prose (not outline form), and conform to proper grammar. Each summary should be 3-4 double-spaced pages in addition to the cover page.

Deadline: Research reports must be handed in by the last day of classes.

NOTICE: Research reports must not be plagiarized. Plagiarism (which includes copying material from anotherstudent or directly from a book, article, or online source) is a form of cheating. If a student is suspected of plagiarism, the Psychology Research Administrator will inform the course instructor and investigate the matter. If it is established that the student plagiarized, a penalty (up to and including an F in the course) will be assessed according to University policy. So, be careful to use your own words to summarize the article.

Cover Page

Research Report for Research Credit

Name ______________________________Student ID Number _____________

PSYC 101/102 Instructor____________________Section number  __________

Author(s) of article

Year of publication

Title of article

Journal name

All summaries must be typed, be in prose (not outline form), and conform to proper grammar. Each summary should be 3-4 double-spaced pages. You must include aphotocopyof the complete original journalarticle.

Attach a typed report in which you answer the questions on the following page:

Describe the general topic of the research paper (e.g., social psychology, cognition, personality, developmental, clinical disorders….).

Describe the specific hypothesis or question being tested.

If the research was an experiment, what were the independent and dependent variables? If the study was correlational, what were the important variables measured?

Briefly describe the method used to test the hypothesis (e.g., who were the participants, what were they asked to do, how were data collected…).

What did the researcher find? Note: You do NOT need to provide precise statistical data; it is more appropriate to give a summary. What conclusions can be reached from this research?

How are the results important (e.g. Can they be applied to solve social or individual problems, do they change the way other studies are interpreted, do they support one theory over another, do they help explain past research findings?)

Identify and discuss shortcomings or limitations of the research.

What were the author’s suggestions for future research?

article number one

article number two

article number three


………………………Answer preview……………………………….

This is a study that was undertaken by Hyejin Kim of the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA, Anne M.Prouty, Douglas B. Smith and Mei-JuKo all fromTexas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA and lastlyJea-Eun Oh of Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea.

The patterns of behavior in a family influence an individual’s behavior and therefore the need for marriage and family therapy. This profession is growing……………………….. 


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