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Clinical Interviewing: Art or Science?

Clinical Interviewing: Art or Science?

It is often said there is an “art and science” of clinical interviewing. Do you think art or science should play the primary role in the interview process? What is the value of each?

Remember to make sure your responses are well thought-out and demonstrate that you have read and absorbed the information from the readings and module. Responses should be well-written and any outside sources (including websites) should be referenced using APA style. In formulating your response, you might consider what factors in the interview (or in the clinician conducting the interview) would be important if YOU were a client undergoing a clinical interview. At the same time, what factors would be important if you were the clinician responsible for gathering the information? Responses should be three or four solid paragraphs.






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Basically, a clinical interview is a dialogue between a clinician and a patient that is normally anticipated to develop a diagnosis. It is actually a “discussion with a rationale” that can be structured, semi-structured, or even unstructured. Stress is positioned on open-ended queries with the center of attention being on the patient and not the clinician. Clinical interviews are in general used with other measures and techniques to diagnose the patient. This process is very crucial since the clinician cannot….


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