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CJA/464 UOP Need paper ASAP!

CJA/464 UOP Need paper ASAP!

Choose a current federal, state, or local issue that directly affects public policy pertaining to the criminal justice system.

Write a 700-1050-word paper in which you analyze the issue and related policy. Be sure to address to following points in your analysis:

  • Describe the issue.
  • Is this policy a regulatory or legislative-initiated policy?
  • Who initiated the issue or policy
  • Is there a constitutional issue
  • How will the issue or policy affect the community, the accused, and the victims

Cite your references properly consistent with APA guidelines, I.E. (Smith, 2008).






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Description of the illegal immigration

Illegal immigration is the unlawful resettlement of people. This happens across the national borders. It might also take place across the residence of foreign nationals. This is usually unlawful according to immigration policies and laws of any state in the United States.  Most individuals emigrate from poorer countries to the rich countries in order to be able to tap the opportunities that come with being a rich country. The illegal…


936 words



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