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Citizenship Without Borders Final Project

Citizenship Without Borders Final Project

Topic:Citizenship Without Borders Final Project
Write a well-constructed essay on the following question and in your answer include information from
lecture and class material – as well as what may not have been included. What would you like to see
Compulsory Question
You have been asked by a publishing company to provide a detailed outline of a textbook for GNED 230.
You want to convince the publisher to publish your book, and as a starting point, your text book must
include (in some way) those course objectives/learning outcomes AND course themes as defined in your
current course outline. You may also want to incorporate some specific topics – including those that are
of interest to you (since you “wrote” the book), and current (so that the course has relevance to other
Remember there are some defining conditions (so that your text is not too lengthy – or too short):
 The semester is only 14 weeks long
 There are 42 hours to the class/semester
 All dimensions of globalization and course themes must be included
What will you include?? (This freedom should hold some appeal for all of you since your programs are
 Include a title and table of contents of chapter headings for your book proposal
 identify what approach you would take in your book and why;
 identify what dimensions/themes you would stress in your book and why;
 identify what topics you would cover in your book and why;
 identify what inter-relationships you would emphasize, and
 identify what conclusions about (and the future of) globalization would you draw and why.
Final thoughts:
1. You must incorporate different perspectives and viewpoints as a way of showing the
complexity of the topics of globalization, citizenship, and diaspora and to demonstrate
critical thinking and personal judgement. In short, this assignment will allow you to
synthesize your knowledge to date and will represent a culmination of your learning. As you
know, we did not use a text in this class, but if you could put one together that best
encapsulates the topic, its intricacies, and allowed for “growth” of the concept itself – what
would such a text look like?
2. You will be judged by professional standards, so be clear, precise, logical, and thorough. It is
absolutely necessary that your writing is concise and your presentation clear. Develop your
ideas logically. Remember – some future class may be using this text! 

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