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CIS 210 Week 3 Discussion Questions

CIS 210 Week 3 Discussion Questions
  • There are several systems analysis approaches for solving a business problem. Identify which method you would be most likely to use and state why.
  • Evaluate how your answer would be different based upon the size of the company.


  • You are in charge of an ERP systems design project and tasked with fact-finding. The project schedule allows enough time for you to use two fact-finding techniques. Identify two techniques you would use and state the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Discuss how your fact-finding techniques would differ based upon the type of system you were building.






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In my organization would consider using agile system analysis approach. The reason behind this is because I work in a small organization with few teams whereby each team is made up of few members. As opposed to traditional method the agile approach will be the best method to deal with since it is the most suitable to handle few members. It also provides a chance to tailor the system with time. This is an indication that the system is dynamic and therefore it will give me a chance to make changes where necessary as the organization grow…


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