What is one worldview depicted in the movie

What is one worldview depicted in the movie

Part 1
1. Be call a time when you met someone with a different worldview than theism (e.g., pantheism, theism, atheism), and you had a difficult time relating.
2. What challenges did you have relating to that person?
3. How might an understanding of the other’s worldview have helped you in that situation?

Part 2-a
2. Discussion Question Film Resource-review the following movie rich in worldview material from your local library or streaming service.

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Part 2 -b After viewing the film listed in Discussion Question Film Resource” from the topic materials, answer the following two questions. Before you post, change the title of the post to include the title of the movie you are discussing.
1. What is one worldview depicted in the movie?
2. Which characters held that worldview (e.g., pantheism, theism, atheism)?
Provide at least two quotes or scene descriptions from the movie to defend your point.

3. Where do atheism and Christianity agree and disagree on views of the origin of the universe? What difference might someone’s belief about the origin of the universe make in how that person lives his or her life?

4. Using at least three characteristics of God, explain who God is to the Christian. Why are the characteristics ofGod so important to the Christian worldview?



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What is one worldview depicted in the movie


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