Characteristics of a Fair-Minded Thinker

Need done by 12am central time tomorrow morning. Can you help me please? The quality I possess is Intellectual Empathy and the two I need to work on are: Intellectual Courage and Sense of Justice

Characteristics of a Fair-Minded Thinker

Look up the definitions listed below. Several of them can be found at, but you will have to look further to find many of these.

As you find the definitions, copy them for your notes, but also think about how closely they define the way you or others you may know reflect these traits. Chances are, you will identify with several of these traits, and not identify with other traits. This is natural, but identifying these will help you become the type of thinker you want to become:

Characteristics of Fair-Minded Thinkers:

1.  Intellectual autonomy

2.  Intellectual courage

3.  Intellectual empathy

4.  Intellectual humility

5.  Intellectual integrity

6.  Intellectual perseverance

7.  Intellectual sense of justice

8.  Intellectual confidence in reason

9.Fair-Minded Qualities

After reading each of the qualities needed to be a fair-minded thinker, pick one quality you feel you possess and describe how you fulfill this quality. Then choose two qualities that you need to improve upon and describe why you chose these two qualities. You will need to include a detailed plan (500-600 words) for overcoming the obstacles that are preventing you from fulfilling the characteristics of the two qualities you have chosen.



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According to scholars having a great mind is actually one of the best thing any person would ever desire to have. This seems so obvious to many individuals since it is a common phrase that has been repeated over and over. Nevertheless, when you try to reflect on the above words you will end up being moved by its deeper meaning.  As a matter of fact, the human brain is the most powerful tool that has ever existed in the world. This…


604 words



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