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CGD318 – Week 2 discussion 2 – Ethical versus Legal

CGD318 – Week 2 discussion 2 – Ethical versus Legal

Ethical versus Legal [CLOs: 1-7]. 1 st Post Due by Day 3. Read the article, “Chris Christie’s Biggest Issue Isn’t the Bridge: It’s His Brand” and watch the video, Chris Christie and the Bridge. Based on the readings in our text and the above article and video, should New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have remained silent on the issue of the George Washington Bridge? Support your position by using at least two of the seven ethical principles in Chapter 4 of the text. Include in your position your assessment of Governor Christie’s ethical and legal considerations. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.





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Ethical versus Legal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was involved in a scandal involving the blockage of a bridge by his aides because a local mayor had refused to give him pre-election support. He spoke publicly on the matter saying that he was not a bully among other things. I think that the Governor should have stayed quiet on the matter because it violated several ethical principals in public relations which include the protection and advancement of the free flow of accurate and truthful information. This is because in his statement…


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