How cell phones have affected children’s health

How cell phones have affected children’s health

I have a reaserch paper about how cell phones have affected children’s health

and I need editing and fixing mistakes my research paper is about 585 words and I need it to be 800 words

within paraphrase and quotations with no plagiarism

also I want you to specify in body paragraphs about the eye sight and neck problems and delete the rest

all the research paper should be in APA style




………………..Answer Preview………….

 How can technology affect children’s health? Everyone can notice that children have become addicted to technology, especially cell phones. “Cellular telephones have become an increasingly prevalent feature of contemporary American life (Pilapil, 2012).” The cell phone is a creative innovation that was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. In the past, it was not common for everyone to have a cell phone because it was expensive and substantial. Nowadays, it has become popular and affordable for everyone. Cell phones have affected people’s lives and became a main part of their daily routine. At the present time, you can hardly…


1139 words


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