What celestial body do you believe Pluto to be

Please read the following and answer each of the questions:


  1. What celestial body do you believe Pluto to be? Explain your answer. (Minimum 150 word)


  1. What are the properties of Terrestrial planets vs Jovian planets?  What process led to the formation of such different types of planets? (Minimum 120 words)


  1. What factors led to the reclassification of Pluto?  How is Pluto like the other planets?  How does it differ? (Minimum 120 words)






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  1. What celestial body do you believe Pluto to be?

Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet. It has also sufficient mass. This allows it to have its own gravity. The gravity enables Pluto to pull itself into a nearly round shape. Pluto falls under that classification due to its small size. It is smaller than Mercury. Pluto resides within a zone that is said to be of other objects that are similar to its size. The zone has many other small objects in it (Loewen & Yesh, 2008). Pluto also as a dwarf planet has not cleared its orbital neighborhood of all other objects. Instead it resides in orbits of other small objects. Pluto has also an orbit…


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