Case # 5- Blue Nile

Case # 5- Blue Nile

Please read Case # 5- Blue Nile  at the case section of the textbook. (You can do external research if you like to gather more information. Please cite the source each time you gather information from an external source and include detailed references. No credit will be given for an information if there is no citation and references are provided. You do not have to cite the textbook. )




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Blue Nile Inc. specializes in selling diamond engagement rings as well as other forms of jewelry.  It has been in operation for a number of years and thus they have managed to create a niche in the jewelry industry. There are several opportunities that are available to be tapped by the company and others that it has implemented to reach the greater heights it enjoys today

Online marketing: with advances in globalization and internet technology, business is going digital. People are selling more online and Blue Nile has not been left behind.  According to the text, “Blue Nile operates its business through…


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