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Career Exploration Assignment Prompt and Expectations

Career Exploration Assignment Prompt and Expectations

Career Exploration Assignment Prompt and Expectations

This project will be a presentation (Power Point or Prezi)  Further instructions regarding where in D2L to submit will be provided at a later date.

Research is required for this project.You will include a total of at least 3 different, credible sources. These must either be print or online sources (no Wiki or similar!). You must cite these sources using MLA format.Copying & pasting a link is notciting. If you are unfamiliar with MLA format you will need to research how to properly cite sources to ensure you cite correctly.

Through the Career Exploration Project, each student will:

Identify a career to research. (Note: If you have not decided on a career, that is ok! Choose one that interests you. This project is about a thorough exploration – not a commitment to pursue a particular field.)

Analyze the career

Explain why and how the career is significant to the student’s interest.

Identify elements necessary to understand what that career path entails.

Explain details for designated career path that reflect a careful exploration of the career.

Show evidence of identifying a degree plan related to the career.

Project outline – Read these six points in detail. Ask questions early if you have them. Be sure you are very clear on the expectations before you get far into the project.

Students will follow the below outline, clearly dividing the project into these eight sections and addressing each of the sub-sections/questions listed below:


Title yourproject so that your career is clearly identified. This title should be meaningful to you and any audience.


You will need to identify the career field/discipline (i.e. if the career is a teacher then the field is education or if the career is mechanic then the field is automotive industry).

You will need to identify a specific position or title in the field/discipline (i.e. elementary school teacher or body work repair mechanic).

You will need to identify 2 related positions in a similar or related field/discipline (i.e. day care worker and college instructor or machine repair and certified dealer service manager).

Knowledge /Training:

List the minimum requirements for the position (i.e. specifics on degrees, experience, certifications, etc.).

Outline the career path to include the education required, skills needed, years of experience required, any certifications or licensing required in the order in which they occur.


List the hiring salary range (use current position listing or job boards).

Give the lifetime salary range in the position (i.e. what will someone in this position earn over 20 – 40 years given the maximum salary).

Future of this career:

What is the job outlook for this career?

List the availability of this career in Houston, in Texas, and/or other states.

Is this an international career choice?

What is the market for this career?

Is this in a growing area?

Where are positions like this heading?

Career and you:

How does this career align to your interests and personality?

Use your Do What You Are results to justify your alignment.

Include why this career is significant to you.

If this assignment has altered or changed your career path, state this in your project.

Works Cited

The final slide or element to your presentation must be your Works Cited information. Remember, your sources must be cited using MLA format. Do not simply copy and paste links.







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