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Should capital punishment be abolished

Should capital punishment be abolished

Option B: Compose a letter to your state governor regarding the death penalty. In this letter, explain your position regarding capital punishment. In your explanation, be sure to draw upon ethical concepts and reasonings to support your position. State whether or not the death penalty should be abolished and why.

(Go with abolished, it is what she wants to hear.)

The letter should be one page in length plus a tile page, double spaced, and free of grammatical errors.




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Name (Student)




Mr. Governor (Name)




Even though capital punishment is a legal state sentence practiced by our state judicial system, I think it should be abolished. The human life is valuable and as such even the worst murderers should not be deprived the value and right of their lives. The value of the life of the offender cannot be destroyed due to his bad conduct. I suppose that everyone has the right to live. Even offenders have inalienable human rights to…..


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