How can you assist a campaign with a similar health agenda as your own

Assisting a campaign

We explored different ways of influencing policymakers through a number of forms of letter writing in this course. For this discussion, you will explore other ways of working with campaigns. As a health advocate, it is important to assist candidates who support your issues to help bring about the desired change. There are a number of different ways you can help contribute during the process. Using the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox (2013c) as a guide, address the following in your discussions:

  1. How can you assist a campaign with a similar health agenda as your own? Provide examples as part of your discussion.
  2. What responsibility(s) AND what competency(s) of a Health Education Specialist does assisting a campaign fall under? Explain your choices



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Campaigns are crucial part of one’s work when working as a community advocate. This is because they are the main way one is able to interact with the public and know their needs.  Also, campaigns pass the message to people concerning your Agenda (Bandura, 2004). I have been one of the activists concerning the issue of expansion of Medicaid in our country. I have been mobilizing as well as involving many people in my campaign of expansion of Medicaid in our healthcare. Some of the different ways I have been using to assist in campaigning concerning this issue is informing as well as educating the public concerning…


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