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Title: Innovation and Change

Title: Innovation and Change

Title: Innovation and Change: What’s Next? Scenario

Read the weekly lecture.
Read the Getting the CIO/CFO Relationship RightLinks to an external site. article and the IT Transformation: Success Hinges on CIO/CFO CollaborationLinks to an external site. report.
Review the DargeanGrix Business Scenario Download DargeanGrix Business Scenariodocument.
Innovation and change are core themes for successful businesses. Transformational leaders are always on the lookout for improvement opportunities and innovation they can use to propel their people and their businesses to the next level. These leaders are also adept at partnering with their peers in these endeavors.

As an innovator and leader of change at DargeanGrix, you know your day is not done with the delivery of your proposal on video conferencing to senior management like you completed in your Week 4 – Discussion Forum. Think about what the next strategic opportunities are at DargeanGrix. Consider what your customers want, and your employees need to serve your clients. Some examples that might have promising solutions could be things enhancing the efficiency of employees in the way they do their work, promoting greater support of the client base through new or improved communication methods, and making the business more effective in one or more of its core business operations such as finance, human resources, and IT. Consider which peers at DargeanGrix you should partner with to accomplish the improvements and changes.

In this discussion forum,

Describe two additional possibilities for integrating streamlined changes or technology into DargeanGrix’s business processes.
Explain the goals for your suggestions.
Explain which colleagues you would partner with to accomplish your goals.

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Innovation and Change


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