Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

It is common knowledge that in today’s business environment, organizations must continually strive to achieve a competitive advantage. Likewise, they are reliant on large amounts of data to make their business decisions.

  • From the e-Activity, explain the key way(s) in which your selected organization / agency uses business intelligence in order to gain a competitive advantage. Next, speculate on the technological limitations regarding data, software, and hardware that you believe might challenge your chosen organization / agency in the future. Provide a rationale for your response






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Business Intelligence is defined as a technology-driven process that is used in analyzing data as well as presenting actionable information. Today, there are firms that are using this system in their day to day operations. For instance, Bravissimo Company that manufacture underwear is benefiting a lot from this system. The company can link its Business Intelligence systems to the MET office so as to predict various changes in weather. Therefore, through this the company can maximize its sales and know how…


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