Business environment

Business environment

Based on your assigned readings, write a scholarly paper that contains: a) critical evaluation, b) comparative analysis, and c) discussion of the following subject areas:select 4 countries and give reasons for your choice; Identify the challenges facing these countries in the 21st century;Describe how these countries performed  during the recent global financial crisis;Give ethical perspectives of these countries relative to CSR;Explain the difference b/w these countries communication during international business negotiations;Identify what challenges and differences will MNCS encounter when developing a global strategy for each country? How will these strategies differ? and Provide a cultural comparative analysis of these countries relative to international business.




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In this paper, we are going to study four different countries: Philippines, Libya, India and Haiti. The reason why I have chosen Libya is because the country faced a revolution less than five years ago and is striving to build back its economy that was once strong. Libya’s economy dwindled after they ousted their president which led to civil unrest. In Africa, Libya was categorized as a second world country. Haiti attracts my interest because it is an area that has been struck by natural calamities which saw it loose thousands of its people and the destruction of their property. It is now important to see how this…


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