BUS450 Week 5 dq 1 International Diversifications

BUS450 Week 5 dq 1 International Diversifications

1 st Posting Due by Day 3. International Diversifications. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of closedend country funds (C.E.C.F.s) relative to American depository receipts (A.D.R.s) as a means of international BUS450: International Finance Online 18 diversification. Why do you think closed-end country funds often trade at a premium or discount? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings



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            International diversification means to invest in many other countries at ago as a means of evading losses or any in eventualities.  There are the advantages and disadvantages associated with the closed end country funds (CECF) relative to the American depository funds (ADF). This includes the fact that closed end country funds can be deployed in to exotic markets which are always difficult to access otherwise. Secondly, the CECF’S can be used as a portfolio as they provide instant diversification. This means that using CECF’S is actually easi..


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