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BUS450 Week 4 dq 2 International Bonds

BUS450 Week 4 dq 2 International Bonds

1 st Posting Due by Day 3. International Bonds. Discuss the process of bringing a new international bond issue to market. What should a borrower consider before issuing dual-currency bonds? What should an investor consider before investing in dual-currency bonds? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.



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International Bonds

            International bond is a type of a debt issued by a developed country to a developing country to improve their situation. There are various types of international bonds. These include: euro bonds, foreign bonds and global bonds.

            There is the process of bringing in a new bond issuance to the market. This is by using the other available bonds in the market for bench making. This means that you have to first study what the market is like and what the other types…


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