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BUS450 Week 1 dq 2 – Staying Competitive

BUS450 Week 1 dq 2 – Staying Competitive

1 st Posting Due by Day 3. Staying Competitive. With technological advances, companies can expand their operations effectively and efficiently. International financial management is essential for companies to remain competitive. What are the risks of international financial management? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.



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Staying Competitive

            Business does expand internationally and still remain very effective and efficient. However, there are certain risks associated with international financial management. These risks are mostly influenced by the great distance between the mother company and branches set in other countries. The long distance could hinder the performance of the other country set up in the other continent given that the mother country could not sufficiently help the new branch. Second issue is unfamiliarity. The region the company…


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