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BUS215 – Week 5 discussion 2 – Estate Planning

BUS215 – Week 5 discussion 2 –  Estate Planning

1st Posting Due by Day 3. Estate Planning. What is estate planning and why do I need it (or not)? What elements are contained in an estate plan? Do I need an attorney to help me prepare an estate plan? What is a trust and how is it used? Can I use life insurance to help me fund a trust? Do I need a will? What could happen to my estate if I die without a will? Why is it that so few people do estate planning? Post to the discussion board your 200 word answer to these questions. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.





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Estate planning

            This is a way of disposing off property in case a person dies. This can also be called division of property. It means that one has taken care of how his or her assets can be divided or shared or given out. Estate planning includes having the names of the people who will be given the property, and most important an attorney’s seal.  An attorney is very important during estate planning because this is the person who will ensure…


203 words


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