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BUS215 – Week 4 discussion 2 – Debt Reduction

BUS215 – Week 4 discussion 2 – Debt Reduction

1st Posting Due by Day 3. Debt Reduction. You read in Chapter 13 that it is vital to reduce your credit card balances and other consumer credit before beginning an investment program. You also need to start an emergency fund in case of immediate need. Why do financial advisers make such recommendations? Why should you reduce spending on credit before investing? Why shouldn’t you carry large consumer debt and invest at the same time? On the surface, these questions may sound silly but there are sound reasons for asking them. Post your position in the discussion board in at least 200 words incorporating your rationale with supportive references. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.




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Debt reduction

            Emergency funds are very necessary because it means that the future is secure. The future is in terms of loss of jobs or in terms of financial crisis. In my own opinion it is important that a person be financially stable and ready for any inconveniences that occur. It is also very important that one employ a financial adviser who will help them in managing their funds. The financial adviser will be in a position to effectively guide their clients…


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