BUS 340 Wk 4 Assignment and organizational differences

BUS 340 Wk 4 Assignment and organizational differences

  1. What organizational differences, if any, do you see in the way each corporation discusses its annual performance? Is the data presented clearly so that shareholders can draw conclusions about how well the company performed?
  2. What goals, challenges, and plans do top managers emphasize in their discussion of results?
  3. How does the format and organization of each report enhance or detract from the information being presented?




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On visiting annualreports.com, you are faced with reports of numerous companies. The reports have one thing in similarity in that they assess the year’s operations of the company and discusses the company’s view of the incoming year. However, the reports are discussed differently. For some companies, it is like a campaign or marketing tool to the outside world while to others it is sheer representation of the activities that took place that year. Some are short while others are quite long. The data is presented quite clearly so that the shareholders can be able to draw conclusions on how the company performed. There…


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