Brief Discussions: communication skills

Brief Discussions

Characterisitics of Verbal Abuse “Brief Discussion” (ch.6)

Do you really think sarcasm is fine, even when done pleasantly? How does
this get over looked so often on teams when others feelings are ignored?

The Dimensions of Team Talk “Brief Discussion” (ch.6)

Effective Habits “Brief Discussion” (ch.7)

Types of Listening “ Brief Discussion” (ch7)

Take Relevant Notes (ch7)

Watch and discuss “Team Speak: How To Ask Positive Questions” on this
week’s Electronic Reserve Readings page. What are examples of positive questions you can ask while working on a team project at school or at work? “Brief Discussion”

Watch and discuss “Communication is a Two-Way Process” on this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings page.What are examples of two-way communication you have encountered at school or in professional life? “Brief Discussion”

70 words minimum for each discussion.


Assignment #1 – Complete ‘How Good Are Your Communication Skills?’ available on the Mindtools
website. Write a 200- to 350-word summary of your communication quiz score, describing
your strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to develop your communication skill
set. Additionally, what aspects of communication that were not covered by the
quiz do you think are important in professional life?______________________________________________________________________________

Assignment #2 – Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Student Listening Inventory. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing the following: How do people communicate? Provide examples of verbal and
nonverbal communication. How do you communicate nonverbally? In what way can knowledge of nonverbal communication help your communication with others? Analyze your results for the Student Listening Inventory.
What do you do well? What can you improve on? What changes can you make in your behavior to become a better listener? What results do you expect to get from this change?





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Verbal abuse, although will not have bruises to show for it, have some negative results. Characteristics of verbal abuse include things like not listening to others and when others say something judging their views as wrong and irrelevant without considering their feelings. Belittling of other people’s views in order to have….

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