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Branches of government

Branches of government

1. What are the three branches of government and their functions? How are powers balanced in the U.S. government?  How does each branch of government make laws? Provide examples.

2. Bryant Gunderson is a sole proprietor with a successful bungee-jumping business. He is considering incorporating his business. What levels and sources of law would affect and govern the process of incorporation?  Please explain why your choices are relevant to Gunderson’s venture.




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The three branches of government include the Executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The legislature is made up of the senate and the House of Representatives. Its function is to make laws. The executive is presided over by the president and its function is to make laws official. Once the legislature passes the laws, they are forwarded to the executive arm of government for ascending. The Judiciary is responsible for interpreting the laws of the United States. It is headed by the Supreme Court and composed of judges, magistrates and other legal professionals.

The doctrine of separation of powers is quite evident in the US. The powers are of the federal government are divided among the three branches and…


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