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Biography paper about a composer

Biography paper about a composer


I want somebody to write me a biography paper about a composer,, the list of the composers down the page ( just choose one).

Three pages long.

Double space.

MLA format.

line size is 12.

After you choose the composer.

Introduction History of the composer: general life: where the composer born who study with, and the works that he or she did.

First career middle career, and final career. like that the bodies be organized.

you choose three to four special works that he or she has done, and write about these pieces.

Finally the conclusion.

Do not forget to write the citation. No Wikipedia and .com. Only academic courses. You can go to ( google scholar) 

These are the names of the composers

Johann Sebastian Bach

George Frideric Handel

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Franz Joseph Haydn

Ludwig van Beethoven

Franz Schubert

Robert Schumann

Franz Liszt

Felix Mendelssohn

Hector Berlioz

Guiseppe Verdi

Richard Wagner

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Modest Mussorgsky

Johannes Brahms

Gustav Mahler

Claude Debussy

Igor Stravinsky

Arnold Schoenberg

Alban Berg.






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Institution Affiliation


Richard Wagner Biography


Germany is a country known for the many scientists that it has produced over the decades that changed the different functions in the world. As an exception from the science, the country has been able to produce some of the best composers and this was a result of its culture in music and arts. One of the great people that the country has been able to produce is Richard Wagner. He is a composer who is viewed as one of the most influential…


1096 words


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