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Choose 1 reading from the course material (poem, short fiction, novel, essay, or play)

Choose 1 reading from the course material (poem, short fiction, novel, essay, or play)

 It must be typed, double spaced, with numbered pages, standard font/font size (Times New Roman or Arial), and margins. Make sure that your name, date, and the course title are on the document. Include a catchy and practical title for your response. Calling it “Exam Essay #1” is just too damn disappointing.

No late submissions will be accepted. You have 7 days to complete the assignment. My advice–do it sooner rather than later. Save the document as a docx or PDF. Then upload it to the dropbox in Brightspace before the due date.

The response length is 3-4 full pages of original analysis (approx. 750-1000 words long). Design a short introduction of a few sentences to create interest in the topic. Focus the discussion with a thesis statement at the end of the intro (it could be a how or why question or a argumentative statement starting with although… or while…). Be detailed in your response and give effective examples. A key word to use in this response will be because....You may use quotations if they are relevant (keep them short), may refer to any of the course notes in the response if they help support or illustrate an assertion, or even mention something we did in class. Use for example… such as… For instance…. You may use judiciously. Include a short conclusion that crystallizes your point. Edit and revise the document before submitting. Go to Assessments and then the dropbox to upload your document

Choose 1 reading from the course material (poem, short fiction, novel, essay, or play). Review the course outline if you need help remembering what we studied. Apply that above criteria to the example of your choice that we studied and explain how and why that particular reading benefited you. In other words, what did it mean to you? What did you learn about yourself, others, and the world? Be reflective, convincing, and analytical in your response.

The Importance of Being Earnest
wo young men, Jack and Algernon, are in love with two young women, Cicely and Gwendolen. They have a major problem to overcome first—the two women are determined to marry someone named Earnest. So, these two guys try to seduce the girls under the same alias identity. Just to complicate matters, one of the men has created an imaginary friend called that often gets involved in bad situations whenever Algy needs to get out of town for some fun. Set in England in the late 19th century, this is a trivial play for serious people—the Victorian jet set! Rich, idle, frivolous, shallow, over-bred, under-employed, cynical, useless, and witty characters spend their days and nights in an endless round of parties, teas, proposals, gossip, and divorces, concealing shameful secrets and revealing damaging scandals. Appearances count more than true moral fibre and worthy values in this world. Honour is synonymous with reputation. Truth is equated with a glib tongue and steady eye. Much like the real world sometimes! Written in only three weeks (he badly needed the money ), Wilde said that “the first act is ingenious, the second beautiful, and third abominably clever.” He’s so humble. This funny play, a satiric attack on social hypocrisy, the aristocracy, and Victorian conventions, is full of humorous one-liners, faced-paced dialogue, absurd coincidences, irony, and paradox; however, just because it’s classed as a comedy of manners doesn’t make it fluff (not that there’s anything wrong with light entertainment). Wilde’s play advances profound ideas concerning philosophy, existentialism, identity, institutions such as marriage, theatre of the absurd, decadence, aestheticism, and why it’s important to dress well. As we read it, we’ll have to decide if our own culture is relapsing into the earnestness of the Victorians, what the “state of love” entails, and whether or not Lady Bracknell is really a drag queen. You’ll laugh; you’ll learn. In that order.

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Choose 1 reading from the course material (poem short fiction novel essay or play)


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