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Assignment 1: Discussion: Sexual Harassment

Assignment 1: Discussion: Sexual Harassment

The two legal “tests” that constitute sexual harassment are:

  1. Quid pro quo, meaning failure to give in to unwanted sexual advances will threaten a person’s academic or employment career.
  2. Behavior, which a “reasonable person” would deem a “hostile or offensive working environment.”

Some men complain that because the second point is too vague and potentially too broad, they fear being falsely accused of sexual harassment. They also say they worry that simply smiling and indulging in a little friendly flirting with a female co-worker can be misconstrued. Some women also acknowledge that they miss some of the playful camaraderie.

  • Why is it important to have sexual harassment laws? If you do not believe these laws or necessary, explain your position.
  • Do you think sexual harassment regulations have gone too far? Take a position—yes or no—and discuss it.
  • How would you distinguish playful flirting from sexual harassment? Provide at least two scenarios that illustrate the difference.

Write your initial response to each part in 3–4 paragraphs. Support your arguments with research, applying APA standards to citation of sources.





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According to LeMoncheck, and Hajdin (1997), sexual harassment is the forceful violation of intimacy. Sexual harassment laws are important to have because they discipline unlawful persons who try to offend his or her fellow citizens. Hostile policy ensures that all male supervisors and managers adhere to their responsibilities to offer a harassment free work environment. It also ensures there is adequate and appropriate discipline of male employees who harass the female colleagues (Saguy, 2003). It educates all staff on open communication and guides in eliminating the taboo of silence thus improving….


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