Assessments and evaluation instruments used to assess learning in the workplace

Assessments and evaluation instruments used to assess learning in the workplace

Select or create two different assessments or evaluation instruments that could be used to assess learning in the workplace and analyze each to determine whether it is formative or summative, whether it is valid, and whether it is reliable.

In a well-constructed, scholarly essay of 3-4 pages, present your findings. Support your ideas with research from 2-3 credible sources.

Tips for Success:

  • If you plan on creating your own instrument(s) you may want to search for open source (i.e., no cost) tools that can assist you in creating digital assessments or evaluations.
  • If you plan on selecting assessments or evaluations that have been created by other individuals, you may wish to search the Library or conduct a search through an Internet search engine.
  • This is a continuation of all the assignments you have done on Cowboy’s Nightclubs and Restaurants if approved by instructor.

APA Formated, Original work only





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The basic reason for providing developments and learning is to ensure that the employees are able to carry out their current role.  Some training background can be mandatory in comparison with health or occupations with specific issues but this requires more qualified employees.  For this reason, our discussion relates more on two different assessments.  This was a research on assessments in development and training in workplaces.  Survey may bring the issue of evaluation assessment to initially appear heartening which may suggest that many trainees use training evaluation assessment extensively when….


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