I currently intern with the school social worker.

I currently intern with the school social worker.

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I currently intern with the school social worker. A social work assessment is a report written by a social worker evaluating a client’s educational, mental health, substance abuse, or occupational needs. Potential challenges as an intern in field experience is not having adequate or efficient training to complete the assessment and having dual relationships. As I mentioned in the past, I live in small rural area, working with adolescents on probation or parole and their families, being an intern and with my current job can cause some issues because I have to play multiple roles but, in both circumstances, I am here to better serve the child and family. With the lack of adequate training, it can cause stress or frustration on the job. Sometimes, I feel that I may the wrong thing and the client would get upset with me.

Social workers face a variety of challenges. The personal action plans to address assessment in my field education experience is for the adequate or efficient training, I will attend attendance meetings or meeting with the social workers to gain skills and knowledge, and gather evidence from the client or ask questions to field supervisor before meeting with the client to understanding the problem. And with dual relationship first ask the client how comfortable they are working with me, if not I will seek another worker to assist them.

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I am currently interning at a homeless shelter. I have seven clients on my caseload and I help them with getting their documents ready for a housing voucher. I meet with my caseload of clients on a weekly basis to discuss and assist them in meeting their housing goals. While meeting with one client, I noticed that the client is experiencing mental health concerns with him. For example, we may be talking about his housing goals, then he will change the conversation and it does not make any sense what he is talking about. The client stated to me that he has a voucher already for housing which is not true at all. Often, it is difficult for the client to hold a regular conversation and also has a difficult time with personal hygiene. While working with him, I make sure that I document the statements and interactions in my notes.

For this particular client, the appropriate action plan would consist of connecting him to mental health services. In my social worker opinion, this client would benefit from mental health services which would help address his mental health concerns. After the client receives mental health services, then I think it will help facilitate the process more effectively and efficiently in talking about the housing goals.

In conclusion, this particular client’s critical reflection plays a major role with him. Critical reflection is a process by which one may identify the assumption governing one’s action, question them, and develop alternatives behaviors (Savaya & Gardner, 2012) This client’s actions aligns well with this theory.


Savaya, R. & Gardner, F. (2012). Critical Reflection to Identify Gaps between Espoused Theory and Theory-in-Use. Social Work, 57(2).

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An explanation of potential challenges for assessment during your field education experience.

Assessment is the second phase of the planned change process during which information related to the client or client system social functioning is gathered, sorted, and interpreted, and when goals and objectives for an intervention plan are identified (Garthwait, 2017). During my field education experience, a potential challenge that might present itself would be if the client would come in and choose not to participate in a session by not sharing or talking with me. If this were to happen, it would be very difficult for me to get information from client to further process the situation, which would make it harder to create a plan of action for the client.

An explanation of personal action plans you might take to address assessment in your field education experience.
One must learn what values and beliefs guide one’s actions (theories-in-use – worldview and values reflected in the behaviors that drive their actions) and how they differ from the values one espouses (espoused theories – worldview and values that people believe guide their behaviors) (Savaya & Gardner, 2012). A personal action plan that I might take to address assessment in my field education experience would be to explain to the client what I am trying to find out and why. I would attempt to find a common interest to talk about to create a more comfortable atmosphere for the client with hopes of learning from the client things that I may have never thought about asking them, but relevant information. Social workers who find that their strategies are ineffective or result in undesirable outcomes often change their strategies (Savaya & Gardner, 2012). Social work skills that I would implement in my action plan would be attentive listening and warmth for the client to feel more relaxed during the assessment phase.

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I currently intern with the school social worker.


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