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AppLocker versus Software Restriction Policies

AppLocker versus Software Restriction Policies

From the e-Activity, compare and contrast Software Restriction Policies and AppLocker from an application control function. Suggest two (2) situations that would influence your decision if you were choosing to use either Software Restriction Policies or AppLocker within a network environment.

  • As common knowledge suggests, many organizations limit or restrict the applications used by their employees in order to reduce both the catalog of supported applications, and support and help desk escalations. Provide one (1) argument for and (1) argument against this practice. Next, determine which of the arguments provided aligns closest to your beliefs about restricting access to applications. Provide a rationale for your response.




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From the e-activity, the first thing I would do is to consider the network that am using. I would be interested to first make a check on the types of equipment being used and the software. This is essential to establish the kinds of equipment and software being run by the system. If I find that the system is running a form of legacy software, it would be best to use SRP so as to match the capability and compatibility of that software. The…


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