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Analyzing Emails

Analyzing Emails

For this exercise, you need to find a relatively recent commercial (e.g., business-related) email that you received that you are willing to share with the class.  The best way to share these emails is as an image inserted in your response.  You can create this image using screen capture or the snipping tool (partial screen capture).  Make sure you include the email subject line in your image/screen capture. Using what you learned in Chapter 9 (and the expert sessions this module), analyze the email you received.

To receive credit for this exercise, REPLY to THIS message and answer the following questions:

Why did you receive this email?  Did you sign up for it?  If so, what led you to sign up for it?  How often do you receive email from this sender?  What percentage of those emails do you look at and what percentage do you delete without opening?

What was the subject line of the email? Was it an effective subject?  How did it entice you to open up the email? Did the content match the subject line?

What is the call to action? Is it effective? (Did you click on anything?) Is the quantity of content appropriate? Should they have included additional offers or content? Should they have included fewer offers?

What was the objective of this email?  Did it accomplish its objective? (This could include more than inducing a click. For example, if it’s a newsletter, did it build the brand?).  What would you expect to receive next from this sender?


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The email I chose is one from my supervisor about a business we were doing on training farmers on a new farming model which is referred to as an Agent Network Model. This is whereby farmers Network within themselves, the agro vet and the farming and milk co-operatives. I received this particular email because the supervisor wanted me to familiarize myself with the model so that I could customize it for the particular…………………..


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