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An effect about a fad

An effect about a fad

It has to be something recent. I want it to be a really good paper but don’t used big words because the teacher will know its not me who wrote it she know am not good at English its my second language.

I want the paper to be about effect not cause


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Why People Should Avoid Fad Diets

            One of the things that most people in the United Sates are obsessed today is how to lose weight. This aspect has led to increased consumption of Fad diets thanks to the aggressive marketing of these foods. Just try to surf the web, watch TV and flip through various magazines and the most common things you are likely to come across are numerous diets that promise to help get the weight you have been dreaming for. If you have been hitting the gym in order to lose weight, these diets are likely to be extremely tempting……

An effect about a fad


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