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It is a discussion about operations management.

It is a discussion about operations management.

Please answer the following questions. The aim here is to discuss. Where appropriate please support your claims with data.

Any chain, including a supply chain, is only as good as its weakest link. If we receive superior raw materials in the door, we have a better chance of producing a superior product. Research the topic of vendor relationships and methods used to assure high quality raw materials from your supply chain. How would you specify quality materials and subassemblies, how would you monitor vendor performance, and how would you check that the product you receive on your dock meets your requirements? How would you deal with substandard product? What does the ISO 9000 Standard require? Use citations other than the textbook.

Write three well though-out paragraphs that address the topic question with laser focus and show the references and websites you used for your citations.

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Good vendor relations are very important in supply chain management. It is always important to create trustful and lasting relationships with vendors to ensure that the products produced meet their required quality threshold. An organization needs to specify to the vendors the quality of raw materials or sub-assemblies that……………
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