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Choose 3 works of art from 3 artists from the Baroque period through the Postmodern era

Choose 3 works of art from 3 artists from the Baroque period through the Postmodern era. Your 3 works of art should come from the time periods or art movements covered in the readings from Unit 4 and Unit 5. This assignment will have 6 Sections (A–F). Section A contains the criteria for the 3 works you will choose; Sections B–F will be the actual sections that must be contained in your paper. For Unit 4, you should have completed Sections A–D. In Unit 5, you will complete Sections E and F as well as make revisions to Sections A–D.

Your final paper will be a critical essay of 1,200–1,500 words about the 3 works of art that you chose. The goals of a critical essay are to evaluate and analyze the artworks based on research using the vocabulary and concepts you have learned. Your attitude should be detached (i.e., your personal opinions are not as important as academic concepts). The “critical” aspect of the essay refers to this detached attitude, not whether you react positively or negatively to the works.

Your choices must comply with the following criteria:

Section A

The 3 artworks chosen must be of the same style or time period. (3 Baroque, 3 Impressionist, 3 Abstract Expressionist, etc.)Your 3 works of art should have a similar theme. (3 landscapes, 3 works that focus on religious content, etc.)Out of the 3 works of art by the 3 artists selected, you must choose at least 2 works from 2 artists discussed in the textbook.If you decide to choose 1 work of art that is not from the textbook, the artist must be discussed in the text. Begin your search by reviewing artists in the text. Then, you can search other Internet sources for his or her other works of art.

Section B

In your paper, include a description of the works, including the style. Describe basic facts as well as the visual appearance of the work.

What does the viewer see?Where are key figures located?What tells you that the work is of a particular style?

Section C

You will include a summary of the artists’ personal philosophies of art (if they can be found in published sources) and the prevailing trends and schools of thought in the art world at the time and in the place the artist was working. For instance, discuss what was taking place in each artist’s city, country, and church that may have provoked a reaction from the artist or the greater society. Include any information that might help the reader understand the artist’s point of view or why the artist made his or her choices in this work of art.

Section D

Include an explanation of how the works fit into the context of the time period.

Section E

Compare the 3 works in terms of form, content, and subject matter. Using the terminology and concepts that you have learned in the course, explain the similarities and differences in the styles of the works and the context in which they were made.

Section F

Compare and contrast the aesthetic qualities and symbolic significance, as well as the artists’ points of view. Your personal point of view that you have developed throughout the paper will be summarized here. As with the preceding 3 sections, you will write in your own words, supported by research.

You will need to use the library to learn about the artists. In the library, complete the following steps:

Click “Find Articles and Books”Search for artist’s name, time period or art movement, or title of the work of art.Click “Find Web Resources.”Click “General Studies.”Click “Art.”

Submit the following with your final draft:

A cover pageA fully developed final draft that addresses Sections A–F, including an introductory paragraph (with a thesis statement), body, and conclusionA list of referencesImages of the 3 works of art that you chose

Important Note: At least 2 works of art that you choose must be from your textbook, and you must choose works by 3 different artists.

You are required to comply with APA-style format for quotations, internal citations, and a reference list. For additional information and resources on APA, visit the APA section of the Library, available under “Library Features.”

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s):

Unit 4: Baroque, Enlightenment & Romantic AgeUnit 4: The Baroque PeriodUnit 4: ImpressionismUnit 4: Post-Impressionism & Art NouveauUnit 4: Avant-gardeUnit 4: The Belle Époque






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From the period of Baroque through the postmodern era there are three artists who stand out to me with similar work. These three artists were born in different communities and begun art work in 15th century. For this discussion, I have come up with three artists working the same type of work from the period of Baroque period through the postmodern era. The naturalism that was evidently demonstrated in every artist work was elevated in contrast of lighting that obviously appeared in these paintings. Every artist was well respected with his or her work in the community. The three artists who appear on ….


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