Questions- cross-cultural themes


Which of the cross-cultural themes discussed in Chapter 4 do you feel is most vital to the success of an MNC and why?


In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing MNC’s in today’s economy and why? Allow for political, technological, and economic challenges.


Characterize the future of US-based companies desiring to expand overseas within the next 5 years. What political, economic, and technological challenges might those companies face and why? How can they be overcome?


How should an HR department evolve to match a company’s expansion overseas? Which leadership roles are most important in this scenario?


Why is it useful to have an 8-step negotiation model? What are the consequences if a step is skipped?





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For an MNC to succeed, it is important for it to promote co-operation among employees. This is because MNCs work with many employees from different backgrounds and cultures. Enhancing co-operation among the workforces enables them to work together in order to attain the organization`s objectives. This thus leads to succeeding of the organization.

            There are many problems facing MNCs today. Some of them are political, others are economic and others are technological. Some…


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