Time map software product – Attorney Adams

Time map software product – Attorney Adams

Attorney Adams has accepted a case that involves a series of harassment incidents over a long period of time at a job site. The employer is one of the defendants. To get maximum recovery, the timing of several separate incidents will need to be shown. The timing of employer responses and training need to be shown as well and be matched up with incidents. The employer claims that prompt action, remediation and training remedies were done, but the victims are claiming “too little, too late.”

It is going to be hard to get a jury to “see” the timing. Please explain in a 2 to 3 page paper for Attorney Adams how a time map software product may help. What brand of time line software do you recommend? Give a second choice. What are some pros and cons of each?






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Map software provides someone with the required tools and data that assist a person to analyze and understand the happenings of various incidents so as to know various actions that took place and how the action affected people in that area or the victims. In the case of attorney Adams he really needs a time map software so that he can reconnects to various actions incidents especially those that were done by the employer which led to employee’s harassment. Through map software he will be able to gather the required…


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