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Artistic management


Artistic management

You will conduct an in-depth review of the course concepts regarding your personal calling and social intelligence, brainstorm project specifications, research critical elements, and develop a framework that will be the foundation for your Mastery Timeline that will be completed in Week 4of the course.

For this week’s project you will brainstorm, research and outline the following:

  • Reflect upon your course of study at Full Sail University and complete the

Mastery Journey Framework Worksheets. Include topics such as three trends that

could shape your industry of choice, three current companies in your Mastery

field, three current leaders in your Mastery field, three technical requirements for

your field, and three possible paths of training/ education to gain entrance into

your industry.

  • Review career resources in your industry by using your Program’s Resource

Guide (in FSO References) or career information websites like GetInMedia.com

and share three key insights about positions in your field.

  • Use your networking skills to identify three possible mentors and three possible

internships/apprenticeships with name and contact information of hiring manager

(identified via LexisNexis Academic, LinkedIn or other source).

  • Evaluate the Full Sail online course catalog and reflect upon how each course in

your degree program will tangibly enhance your Mastery Journey. Outline a

personal SWOT analysis of your current readiness in your chosen field and

provide at least 3 areas of focus and ways to develop each of those areas of the

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

Bulleted responses are acceptable but professional aspects such as spelling and

punctuation are still critical. Use at least three research resources (with at least two of the

sources sourced through the Full Sail University library research databases such as

EBSCOhost and LexisNexis Academic)

Complete a Word Document that is 3-5 pages maximum

Assignment should be free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Cite all research sources in text and on reference page






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The three major trends that can shape artistic management include economy, choice of entrainment, and technology. To start with, technology usually influence artistic management in that artists are required to perform also tickets needs to be sold. Thus, production and selling of these tickets is highly influenced by technology. The tools and instruments used in production and recording also rely on technology. Today, producers are able to alter different voices with the help of technology (Allen, 2014). In addition, shows and booking of facilities is done online. Therefore we see that technology has played a…


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