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CGD318 – Week 4 discussion 2 – Writing for the Ear

CGD318 – Week 4 discussion 2 – Writing for the Ear

Writing for the Ear [CLOs: 1-6]. 1 st Post Due by Day 3. Conduct an Internet search for a news broadcast and insert the URL to the broadcast in this forum. After reading the information in Chapter 11, assess whether or not your broadcast was effective based on the elements that are successful for video and audio copy. Watch at least two broadcasts chosen by your classmates and give an assessment of the effectiveness of the broadcasts.






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Writing for the Ear


An effective broadcast is one where first of all the writing is done properly because conveying the message is the most important thing to do. The message therefore should be well written. Secondly it should be short, straight to the point and very interesting to watch so the editing should be done that all the unnecessary information is cut and twists are added making it more interesting and entertaining. The sound or voice…


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