CGD318 – Week 4 discussion 1 – Writing for the Eye

CGD318 – Week 4 discussion 1 – Writing for the Eye

Writing for the Eye [CLOs: 1-6]. 1 st Post Due by Day 3. Read the information in Chapter 10 on the elements of a great speech. Next, conduct an Internet search for an outstanding speech and insert the URL for the speech in this forum. Finally, assess the effectiveness of your selected speech. Watch at least two speeches chosen by your classmates and give an assessment of the effectiveness of the speeches





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Writing for the Eye

This speech by Martin Luther King is very effective because it is emotional and captures the emotions of the audience and it is said from the heart. The speech gives a sense of hope because it gives and takes about a fantasy a world that all the people available at the audience dream of and are longing for. It evokes a picture in the minds of the audience of a world where they are all free and there is equality. The speech is also…


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