The Great Depression essay

The Great Depression essay

Reflect: The Great Depression and World War II represented tumultuous years for Americans. From the widespread and appalling poverty of the Great Depression to the horror and excitement of World War II, consider the ways that Americans were forced to work together for the good of each other and the nation. Think about how the experiences of these years, both the good and the bad, forever changed the Americans who lived through them. Consider the changes that the United States went through from the Great Depression through World War II. Reflect on the specific causes of the Great Depression and the New Deal programs that the Roosevelt Administration created to address each one.

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Explain at least three causes of the Great Depression and the specific, corresponding New Deal programs meant to respond to those causes.

How did the societal changes of this period affect the group that you chose for your Final Project I choose Native Americans

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It is a fact that the Great Depression was caused by a combination of both global and domestic conditions.  The results of great depression were felt all over the world. It did not only lead to the new deal in United States but it was actually the origin of rise of the extremism especially in Germany that lead to the World War II. The major causes of the Great Depression include; the crash of stock market in 1929. It is a fact that the crash of stock market in October 1929 was one of the greatest causes which led to Great depression…


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