Business Ethics and Ethical Reasoning


“Business Ethics and Ethical Reasoning”

  • Think back to a time when you had a supervisor or coworker who you believe made an unethical decision or exhibited unethical behavior. List at least two reasons why you think people are tempted to act unethically. Describe the most effective safe guards that you believe an organization can put into place to prevent unethical behavior within the organization.



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There was a time I was working at an international organization. Our supervisor used to take suppliers for personal use. We considered this to be stealing from the company. She used to instruct the supplies manager of the person in charge of procurement to bring to her a box of company pens to take to her children for use in school. She also took home sugar, flour and other things form the kitchen cabinet in pretense that she did not have the time to go for shopping. She was busy working for the company and the company needed to provide…


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