Literature Analysis Essay

Literature Analysis Essay


For the analysis essay you will write an analysis of one of these works:
Red Jacket "Reply to Jacob Cram"
John Smith "The General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles"
John Smith "A Description of New England"
Christopher Columbus "Santangel Regarding the First Voyage" and/or "Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella Regarding the Fourth Voyage"
William Bradford "Of Plymouth Plantation"
John Winthrop "A Model of Christian Charity"This can be a five or six paragraph essay (2-3 pages). Use MLA formatting and documentation. If you use secondary sources, be sure to document them correctly. Try to answer the following questions in your essay:What is the purpose or function of the work? Why was it written? Explain. Be specific. Include the genre as well as the reasons it was written. (This can be part of the introduction.)
What cultural values and beliefs are evident in the text? Include evidence (quotations) from the work. Integrate and cite quotations.
What behaviors are encouraged and/or discouraged in this work? Include examples and evidence from the text. This may require a good bit of analysis for some works. It will be easier for others.
What does the work reveal or illustrate about the culture or society? What attitudes, opinions, values, beliefs, and practices are reflected in the work? Include evidence and examples from the work.
What influenced this work? What influences are evident in this work? Is it influenced by other works or a particular movement or historical event? How can you tell? Explain.
Why is this work important? What impact or effect has this work had on American society, culture, history, and/or literature? Explain. Put the work in its historical and cultural context. (This can be part of your conclusion.)
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John Winthrop, in his work A Model of Christian Charity, aims at telling the people of the importance of unity and love for each other. Often, people forget the role integration plays in ensuring harmony within a society. The text sought to explain the necessity of different social classes among the European society. Winthrop argues that God had a purpose in ensuring that some people were rich while others were poor. The text is one that seeks to get people to trust the authority and ensure peaceful coexistence of peasants and rich people in the society.


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