Wireless sensor networks OR distributed operating systems

Wireless sensor networks OR distributed operating systems

Review several articles on the subject of wireless sensor networks OR distributed operating

systems that appeared in a recent computing magazine or academic journal (older than 5 years is

not acceptable) and include the following: Give a summary of the article, including the primary

topic, your own summary of the information presented, and the author’s conclusion.


Note : No plagarism , need an original work in APA format with citations and references .




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Summary of the article

Oracle has surpassed IBM in data performance with its latest SPARC Super cluster enterprise computing system that is more powerful that the IBM’s Power 780 server. This new system is able to spin out 30.2 million database transactions per minute as compared to IBM’s 10.3 million transactions per minute. As far as the processing results are concerned, oracle has managed to hit one of the lowest Transaction Processing Performance of $0.37 cents. The new system is so powerful…


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