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Is fashion important

Is fashion important

“Long” research paper

3 full pages (should go onto page 4)

MLA format

More than 5 paragraphs (probably)

Introduction (1 paragraph,) body (????,) conclusion (1 paragraph)

At least 3 main ideas: you may write more than one paragraph on a main idea

Counterarguments and rebuttals at the beginning of each IDEA

No more than 5-10% quotes. Most ideas will be paraphrased. Everything must be cited.

Parenthetical citations that are the author’s last name and page # are included.

Works cited page will be the last page of the paper.

MLA multiple pages, you put your name and the page number in the upper right hand corner.

At least 5 sources

Double spacing is required by MLA




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The question as to whether fashion is important or not depends on a number of factors and the pros and cons associated with it. When we hear about fashion, what goes through our minds are the ditsy super models in their thousand dollar dresses, or the current clothing that has been launched by one of the celebrities. We think of the fashion magazines and the featured pieces of fabric that look extravagant as well as the clothes worn by our beloved TV…


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